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Ways to solve the problem of alumi num surface treatment
The quality of the aluminum material used is not very good, and too many impurities inside will also peel. After the aluminum parts are shot blasted, the oxide layer on the aluminum parts will be destroyed. The unprocessable is very clean, and some of the oxide layer remains On top.

The shot blasting is to further compact the work-in-process parts, and the force is usually about 3 kilograms per square centimeter.If the workpiece itself has quality problems with die casting, such as air holes, bubbles, and cold insulation, etc. Peeling occurs, which is not the same concept as die-casting peeling and must be distinguished.

There is currently no effective method for the above problems, and you can understand the basic treatment methods:

1. Further improve the quality of the workpiece;

2. Reduce shot blasting pressure;

3. Grind the blasting part of the shot blasting. If the bottom of the shot is polished, re-throw it.